Cancellation Refund Policy


The are no returns in the services offered by us

Refunds (if applicable)

Refund will happen only in case we are not able to make your song on any ONE platform within 20 days of your upload

We will refund your song if we will takedown your song from our end

We will not refund song in case of 
-Forced takedown by uploader
-Takedown by third party in case of infringement of rights
-Takedown in case of unauthorized upload or upload of cover song without having appropriate rights, we will inform you about the cover song and we will give you a period of 20 days to provide us the rights to distribute the cover song. 


We are totally against fraudulently using our platform to monetize content against the fair use policy.
We strictly follow our CMS guidelines and any revenue generation using fraudulent means the user will be banned for lifetime from using our services, the royalties will be confiscated and legal action will be taken to the strictest possible extent. All our expense will be borne by the user.

We are aware of all the means people use to monetize content on youtube via other popular content, we keep checking this by our team to prevent such use, but we take immediate action if we receive such notification from any third party.
We make sure to forward the notification from third party to our user, and we give our user to provide us a clearance on that, failing which our ZTP is applied.


– quarterly; that is four times in a financial year


We are a registered company and we are liable to deduct TDS on the payment of royalty as per provisions of Income Tax Act. As per company’s policy Royalty amount is paid after deduction of the applicable rate of TDS without considering the threshold limit due to the following reasons:

  1. At our end we make payment to a number of people/ entity and it is very difficult for us to check and confirm about the exceedance of threshold limit at every payment.
  2. Amount of TDS deducted would be credited on your PAN, which you may very well claim at the time of filing of ITR.
  3. If you are a GST regsitered company then applicable GST will be paid along with the royalty